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Robert Miles


CD Album Lim.Ed.

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A rich mix of electronica, alternative rock and jazz influenced compositions, Thirteen is Miles's improvising in mood, discovering definition in short cinematic movements. With rhythm as the key, Miles's incessantly mines layers of synthesised sound, exploring the outer limits of alternative and electronic music. A sonic leap forward from the airy experimentations of critically acclaimed previous albums Organik and Miles_Gurtu, Thirteen weaves keyboard atmospherics and percussive polyrhythm's into a full length guaranteed to rub shoulders with the ambient considerations of past greats like Vangelis, Pink Floyd and Aphrodite's Child. Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Dave Okumu, Jon Thorne, Mike Patto, Paul Falloon and Davide Giovannini are among the guests on the album.

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Robert Miles


CD Album Lim.Ed.

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Rolling Stone

[...excellent blend of cosmic fusion...a musician in constant progression.] [4/5]


[The album is a journey. It is timeless. It is ageless. It is erotic, but pure.]


[, in the best sense of the word.] [4/5]

Raveline [...a masterpiece.]


[...a master of musical reinvention...a stunning new album!]

The Sun

[...a world of cinematic melodies...a masterful record.]


[...this epic narrative conjures up memories of Pink Floyd...Th1rt3en rocks!] [9 /10]

DJ Mag

[...this guy's got mile-age!] [7 / 10]


[ of sun bursting electronica & guitar miasma will find plenty to radiate in...]


[...Miles is repositioning himself as a latter day Vangelis...] [7/10]


[...a creator with an extraordinary grasp of music. Thirteen is as rich and rewarding a musical experience as one could hope to encounter...]. [4 / 5]

Primary Ignition

[...astoundingly beautiful masterpiece.] [9/10]

Aerial Noise

[ album that has matured into a collage of quintessential sublime melodies… Its amazingly brilliant & forward thinking overall.]

Alt Sounds

[...innovative...the first proper fusion of rock and electronic music to come out of the last few years.]

The Byke Rac

[...sounds like a soundtrack for a dark film, a complete and total cinematic listening experience...While so many artists essentially rewrite the same music knowing that it will achieve commercial success, you have to applaud Miles for walking away from major label demands and opting to make music on his own terms.]

Trax mag

[...astonishing...sounds like a Hollywood movie soundtrack]

Epicure mag



[...a successful example of great ambition...a magnificent cinematic album.]


[...Miles’s new album is so worthy of the Court of the Crimson King]


[ thing is for sure...Thirteen could open new and interesting scenarios] [8 / 10]

DJ Mag Italy

[...a music universe that embraces progressive rock and jazz, soundtrack atmospheres and irresistible melodies]


[Instrumental music of great taste... Impeccable work...perfect production. An original album that we vividly suggest you to listen to.]


[...marks the definitive comeback of one of the most refined musicians around.]

Giudizio Universale

[...a splendid instrumental record where electronica and live elements are so perfectly blended together that it is hard to identify their origin...Music of the future.]

Costruendo l'Indro

[...Music of the future]

Piranha [...a milestone.]

Subba Cultcha


High Voltage