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Robert Miles

Organik Remixes

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Further developing the collaborative element that had been such a liberating part of 'Organik', 2002 saw the release of a remix album, suitably titled 'Organik Remixes' which assembled reinterpretations of many of the original album tracks by a choice selection of leftfield and dance orientated artists including Future Sound Of London, 2nd Gen, Si Begg Alex Kid, Da Lata and KV5.

Future Sound Of London's pleasingly Beatle-esque reworking of 'Paths' further underscored the visual potential of Miles' music in being used to spearhead Jaguar's Winter 2004/5 TV ad campaign in the UK, while Robert's 'S:alted Remix' was used by Gucci for the launch of their new website in the USA. The mixing of cultures and musical styles that formed such a key part of 'Organik' is particularly evident on this track in both its remixed and original flavours. As Robert himself says "In a city like London that blend is not unusual, but not many other places have that same multi-cultural vibe. That is one of the reasons London is one of the best places in the world for music."

Robert has always enjoyed a very active relationship with his fans and a particularly engaging facet of 'Organik Remixes' is its inclusion of remixes by Kuzu and Fissure, two members of Miles' on-line community who secured their place on the album (and $3000 each) by taking part in a remix competition run through his website.